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Before you contact the Help @ Ames desk, make sure you have tried each of these things:

  • Make sure your ethernet cable is firmly connected to both your computer and the wall port
  • Check the wall port for physical damage
  • Try using a different cable to connect your computer to your ethernet port. Did a different cable work?
  • Try plugging a different computer into your ethernet port. Was the other computer able to connect?
  • Try plugging your computer in a different port, check to see if it will connect

If you have exhausted all these options and are still unable to connect, contact the Help @ Ames desk. Staff at the Help @ Ames desk will ask for the IP address of your computer. You can find the IP address by:

  • For Mac computers: Airport>Open Network Preferences>Ethernet>IP address
  • For Windows computers: Windows Key+R>Type in "cmd" and press enter>type in "ipconfig" and press enter>listed under IPv4 Address

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