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LibAnswers: Library Services

Answered By: Lisa Caughron
Last Updated: Dec 05, 2014     Views: 27

You can access your class schedule by going to the student tab and clicking on "Week at a Glance Schedule"

  1. When the "Week at a Glance Schedule" tab opens, type in a date that occurs within the semester of interest using MM/DD/YYYY format
  2. To print out the schedule, use your cursor to select the desired field and press CTRL P

Option 2

Open your "Week at a Glance," right click the page, and select "Print" from the menu. Make sure you change the setting to landscape.

If you find that this doesn't print everything in the field here is an alternative method

Option 3

1. Using your cursor select the field that you wish to print. 
2. Press CTRL P
3. A print preview will appear or a printer dialog box. 
4. Choose desired settings before hitting print/ok